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Browser Client Logging

Client logging generally occurs via JavaScript console.log() and can be accessed using the built-in browser-specific developer tools:

Application Server/Backend Logging

Logging is an ongoing work-in-progress but some level of control is available using environment variables. Python Logging log() and print() statements send information to the console. The default level is INFO. Ideally, sensitive data will only be exposed with DEBUG level.

Logging Levels

The following logging levels values are supported:

LevelNumeric value


The default global log level of INFO can be overridden with the GLOBAL_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. When set, this executes a basicConfig statement with the force argument set to True within This results in reconfiguration of all attached loggers:

If this keyword argument is specified as true, any existing handlers attached to the root logger are removed and closed, before carrying out the configuration as specified by the other arguments.

The stream uses standard output (sys.stdout). In addition to all Open-WebUI log() statements, this also affects any imported Python modules that use the Python Logging module basicConfig mechanism including urllib.

For example, to set DEBUG logging level as a Docker parameter use:



Some level of granularity is possible using any of the following combination of variables. Note that basicConfig force isn't presently used so these statements may only affect Open-WebUI logging and not 3rd party modules.

Environment VariableApp/Backend
AUDIO_LOG_LEVELAudio transcription using faster-whisper, TTS etc.
COMFYUI_LOG_LEVELComfyUI integration handling
CONFIG_LOG_LEVELConfiguration handling
DB_LOG_LEVELInternal Peewee Database
IMAGES_LOG_LEVELAUTOMATIC1111 stable diffusion image generation
MAIN_LOG_LEVELMain (root) execution
MODELS_LOG_LEVELLLM model interaction, authentication, etc.
OLLAMA_LOG_LEVELOllama backend interaction
OPENAI_LOG_LEVELOpenAI interaction
RAG_LOG_LEVELRetrieval-Augmented Generation using Chroma/Sentence-Transformers
WEBHOOK_LOG_LEVELAuthentication webhook extended logging