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Sponsored by Open WebUI Pipelines
Open WebUI Pipelines
Pipelines: Versatile, UI-Agnostic OpenAI-Compatible Plugin Framework

At Open WebUI, our community always comes first. Sponsors are welcome, but they must respect our community-first approach. This philosophy guides all our sponsorship policies.

Hard Rules​

These are the non-negotiable rules for sponsors:

  • Sponsors will always be clearly identified as sponsors.
  • Aggressive sales tactics directed at our community members are strictly prohibited.
  • We don’t sell personal information about our community members to sponsors (e.g., to add to their mailing list).

Soft Rules​

Our community members should not be treated as sales leads.

We expect sponsors to be exemplary community members. It’s acceptable to subtly promote job openings at your company and showcase your product, but hard selling is not allowed. Additionally, do not ask community members to join your mailing list.